Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dance Party

Today was definitely a good homeschooling/daycare day.  When Dakota got up, he immediately got dressed and started cleaning out things in his room by choice!  All the kids got dropped off, we had warm chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and then we went out to the deck to enjoy the morning before the predicted rain started a bit later.

The girls wanted me to read to them, so while Dakota read his chapter book, I read fall books, Halloween books and fun books to the preschoolers.  The babies played well for awhile, toddling around us, but when they became a bother I popped them both in for their morning naps.

Inside, the girls made leaf placemats using contact paper and fresh, beautifully colored leaves from the deck.  They loved this and it was super easy!  Next, Dakota supervised Skittles color sorting....a very popular and tasty activity!  Somehow, after that, we ended up having a dance party.  The livingroom was rocking to tunes like Happy and You Know It, Do Your Ears Hang Low and Looby Loo.  Koda and I were being silly and the girls just loved every minute!  This went on for almost an hour and when it was over I put on Dora's Halloween for the girls and gave them an early lunch, since they both looked tired.  Dakota and I got some time to make his totem pole from yesterday's history lesson and then he took 20 minutes to scooter outdoors while I made our lunch.

The rain started in earnest after lunch and we enjoyed learning about different Indian tribes and the links they had to the naming of the states.  We also googled some information on the Great Lakes. We then started what has become our daily game (or two or three) of Yahtzee.   As another storm started in, our neighbor friends yelled for one home and they were getting wet!  Dakota was happy to invite them in and since they had homework, he did not fuss about working on his math for the day.

Tonight we are all inside and lazy.  Dakota has a friend.  Brian David has his girlfriend and the hubby is sleeping the night away in bed.  I am surfing on my computer and then I think I am going to call it an early night, as well.  It's the kind of night that just asks for an early night under the covers, watching TV and reading.