Saturday, July 27, 2013

Laying Low

This week was pretty low flying, as the radar goes.  I didn't have daycare kids after Tuesday and I had alot of work here so we stayed in during the day and had football every night.  Koda and I spent some time on the deck enjoying cooler air than we've seen in awhile and we hit the thrift store for yet more books.  We slept in, caught up on reading and Koda, of course, got bored.  Wednesday night I skipped football and went to dinner with my sister, Thursday we were all at football, including Kris and Nat and MomMom.  Friday during the day Kris and Nat took Koda to the state park to play in the river and enjoy some time outdoors while I worked, but unfortunately, after football, Koda came home with a fever, which he carried through the night.  He's been complaining of headaches lately and on Wednesday he said his ear hurt, plus he is dizzy, so I am thinking ear or sinus infection.  We bought him the Xbox Minecraft game today to play and we have to go up for a meeting and to get uniforms at 4:00, but I don't think he's contagious.  Afterward we are having dinner with the coaches and their families and tomorrow Kris, Brian, Brian David and I are heading to Jiffy Lube Live in Virginia to see Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert, a belated mother's day gift to me.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Frobscottle Toast

Today was a day that I was sure my son and at least one of the day camp girls was out to get me.  My son went to bed late and was up before me, so I knew I was doomed.  I took them to run some errands after breakfast, picking up a freecycled batch of games for them to play, and then brought them back to roll out sugar cookie dough at the table and make people cookies for our book club meeting this afternoon.  This didn't turn out to be the most fun activity for me, but they had a blast and kept sneaking pieces of cookie dough when they thought I wasn't looking lol.  

After lunch, hot dogs for National Hot Dog day!, they watched part of a movie and then we headed to the library to get the room ready and wait for our friends in installment three of the Roald Dahl Summer Book Club.  This week's selection was The B.F.G. (Big Friendly Giant) and it was full of jibberish and nonsense words that were fun for the kids.  We started out reviewing the book and then brought up character traits, which we had talked about with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory previously.  We moved on to similes and metaphors and finished our paperwork with acronyms.  Then each of the kids got a paper with a photocopy of a jar and they drew a dream in the jar.  They then decoupaged a jar to make a "dream jar" to hold their paper dream  Afterward, we had a snack of snozzcumbers and human beans (banana shaped cookies and people shaped cookies) and we had a toast with Frobscottle.  Our Frobscottle was cream soda colored green.  It, like the drink in the book, was vanilla flavored and very bubbly.  In the book, the bubbles all go down and then you "whizzpop", which I am sure you can figure out!  I didn't want any real Whizzpopping, so after our toast, we all clinked plastic cups and drank our Frobscottle and then stomped hard on a piece of bubble wrap to get out all their bubbles.  They thought this was great fun!  Our final task was to line up at the starting line and take a giant stride and have it measured and tabulated.  They cheated some, but enjoyed this alot, as well.  We wrapped it up at 3:00, headed home so the kids could swim for an hour, I fed my family dinner, sent the girls home and off we went to football.  Another night on the field.  Night two of.......there is no sense in counting!  It's alot!  But I am looking forward to the great ride I am sure we are going to take together as a family.

Monsters University

Today was a busy day at the Baublitz day camp.  The kids played their morning Mine Craft then played some Wii Bowling and sang a little Karaoke.  Then they went outside and played toss with lacrosse sticks and then put them away and played some croquet.  This was all before 10:30am!  When they came in, I sat them down with Monsters University packets.  There were coloring pages, word games, a Monsters Math paper and a design your own school crest paper, along with a laminated placemat to do games on like they give the kids in the restaurants.  Then they each got a Kindle Fire and got to go to to design their own monsters and play some games.

After a pizza lunch, 30 minutes of quiet reading time and a little more Mine Craft time, they came out and made Monster Mash faces with kleenex boxes and craft supplies.  They turned out really cute, as you can see.  Then they finished their packets and went back in for some karaoke.

Dakota started football tonight so that's where we will be every night from now until August 27th except for weekends, when you will find us at scrimmages.  We are definitely a football kind of family!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Is the Weekend Really Over????

This weekend was so busy it flew by and I find myself sitting in my chair on Sunday night at 8:30 knowing I have a busy week ahead and feeling as if I haven't even wound down from the week that was.  Yesterday I was up early and grocery shopping, which for me, is an every other week, more than half a day chore.  I dropped my son off early to my mother in law and picked him up around 2:30.  I tried to squeeze in some of my PCA work, clean the pool, fix the filter and get some chores down before  the husband and I got crabs to celebrate having been together as a couple for 24 years and watched a movie with our eight year old.  Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs isn't gourmet fare, but it was fun and we enjoyed it.

Sunday dawned early and we had to be out the door by 9:15 for a four hour football camp that my husband had set up and that my son was participating in at Archbishop Curley.  It was hot, although not as hot as the previous seven days have been, and I was able to find a tree to sit under.  I read some magazines and played with a toddler that was there, but four hours is a loooooong time.  When we got home I finished my PCA folders, put steak on the grill, made some squash, corn and pasta on the stove and my mother in law and the family had a nice dinner.  We all cleaned up, watched a few innings of the Oriole game and here I am, thinking of football M/T/W/T/F nights this week. Daycamp M/T/F, homeschool planning that needs doing, floors that need scrubbing, packets and crafts that need to come together for tomorrow....Oh, and don't forget the dog food!  And so life moves on.....always busy, never boring.  Looking forward to fall and routine and cool mornings perfect for coffee on the deck.  Summer is most definitely not my favorite time of year.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Today we had one boy and one girl for daycamp, plus Dakota.  They got to play their Kindle Fires for a little while this morning then came out to breakfast.  They attempted badmitton, but it is over 100 degrees today and between the heat and the bickering, that didn't last 5 minutes.  While they were out, I split up the large pile of water balloons I had filled recently and gave them each a bowl with 12 balloons.  They each made Angry Bird faces on theirs, an idea I found on, and then went outside with sidewalk chalk to draw 3 pigs on the driveway.  They then took their water balloons out and had a contest, keeping score on the sidewalk, to see who could get the most points hitting the pigs.  This lasted a much shorter time than I anticipated!  I got them to clean up by telling them that when every balloon piece was picked up they could get on their bathing suits.  Of course that was incentive to clean up quickly and they got into their suits and jumped into the pool.  I took down the curtains on the back door and, sissy that I am, sat inside and watched them play for an hour and a half.  When they had jumped themselves dry on the trampoline it was time for them to come in and eat lunch.  I laid out blankets and pillows for watching the Tooth Fairy, but the DVD skipped and it was short lived.  Now they are back in the room on their Kindles, but it's only 1:00  and I still have 3 hours for one and 4 1/2 hours for the other.  I sure do wish this heat wave would break!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Off Days

Wednesdays and Thursdays are my off days....meaning I don't have daycampers here.  I was in my usual summer "no set routine" funk yesterday and spent most of my day not knowing what I did to pass the time. I did watch my daughter, son and granddaughter play in the pool and took some pictures.  I did a few work folders.  I took Dakota to VBS and then I came home and watched a little Paranormal Witness til I scared myself and got cracking on my diningroom desk.  I made a good amount of progress there for our upcoming school start and tonight I hope to finish up.

Today, Thursday, I got up fairly early, enjoyed coffee and did my chores before Koda and I went to see Despicable Me 2 at Hoyts theater.  I wasn't happy about the choice of movie, but I have to admit it was charming in many ways, sometimes funny and only a little bit too long.  Overall, it was enjoyable.  Afterwards I found out that a site I had posted  my trip to this morning was getting me a good response and it is exciting to see things progressing forward, as they have been stagnant the last few days.

Nothing really new or exciting to blog about, but at least I am keeping up with the task.  Happy Thursday and almost TGIF!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not Feeling It

Tuesday was a day I was not feeling the love for anyone or anything.  I was flat out grumpy and got worse as the day progressed.  I let the daycamp girls and Dakota play Mine Craft on Kindle way too long then took them out for a quick errand and bought them donuts for breakfast.  Not feeling cooking either.  They fought, whined, tattled and were snarky to one another and, come to think of it, maybe I didn't start out grumpy, but they made me that way!  My son especially was on his "A" game, being flip, rude and sarcastic.

I brought them out and had them do their packets, but they didn't like them, needed help doing things they were perfectly capable of and fought some more.  Okay.  Definitely had enough and it wasn't lunch time.  I wanted to send them outside, but it was 100 degrees and they had to wait to get into the pool until my granddaughter went down for a nap.  So in the room they went to pay Sorry and Guess Who until lunch, which they threw all over the room and got in trouble for.  Nobody wanted what I was offering for lunch adn then two of the three of them didn't like what they chose and picked at it.  AARRGGHH!  

It was finally time to swim so I sent them in to get their swimsuits on and they headed out to the pool where they screeched and jumped and wore themselves out for an hour and a half and I think they managed to lose half the water in my pool, but you know, at least they were outside and getting out their energy!  Once inside they watched The Pacifier and I made them popcorn, but my son wouldn't touch the popcorn because I didn't make him his own bowl and he wasn't feeling like sharing.  Tough. No popcorn for him!

The girls finally left at 5 and after getting the pool cleaned out, I took Dakota for dinner at VBS and then left him there to hopefully have fun.  I took my daughter to her house and then went to a board meeting in Pasadena, which lasted 30 minutes.  I knew if I went home I wouldn't want to go back out, so I visited my other daughter's house and chatted with her and played with my granddaughter, who gives the BEST hugs, for about an hour before heading back to pick up Dakota, stop at Dollar General for meds for his sore throat, which is only an early morning or right before bed thing this week and then got milk.  Finally home at 9:00 my older son and husband were watching the All Star Game and my son asked why I hadn't made the spice cake I had promised him.  I don't jump at this boy often, but he got a piece of my mind.  Bad timing on his part!  After a few innings watching ball I headed into bed to play the word games on my Kindle and get my sorry self some sleep.  Hoping for a much better Wednesday!

Monday, July 15, 2013

House Full

Today the kiddies started coming at 7:45 and we had three girls, 8, 8 and 10 and two boys, 8 and 4 for the morning hours.  We had breakfast at 9, did birthday packets with find a words, answered questions about each birthday, coloring, ABC order and more. Then we made kooshies to put over our water bottles using foam cylinders from A.C. Moore and foam stickers so that we would know who's water bottle belonged to who over the course of the day.  These were a big hit!

Bathings suits on by 10 and outside in the 95 degree heat under the tree for badmitton and water balloons.  Into the pool by 10:30 for swimming (and screeching and jumping and wave making!) and onto the trampoline at 11:30 to dry off so we could come in for some cupcake decorating.

Inside and dressed back in shorts and tshirts we decorated birthday cupcakes and then got ready for lunch, when we welcomed another girl, age 9 and her 4 year old brothers, new homeschoolers who, with their mom, were coming to meet us and have some fun.

Twelve hot dogs and three boxes of mac and cheese later, lunch was finished and I pushed back the livingroom furniture, put out some blankets and the big kids played Disney Apples to Apples for 45 minutes while the little guys played dinorsaurs and the new mom and I talked curriculum.  At 1:15 it was time for a movie and I closed the blinds, handed out blankets and pillows and 7 little people chilled out and watched Madagascar 3.  There was some goofiness, which was to be expected, but they did well.  The new kids left after the movie and I made the other kids popcorn and then they headed in to Dakota's room to play Guess Who while I cleaned up.  By 3:45 my great niece and nephew had been picked up and by 5:15 the last of the two daycampers went home.  Whew!  Now it's time to take my own little daycamper to VBS and let someone else entertain him for the evening!  Looking forward to a little mommy time and when I pick him up, the family will be rooting for Chris Davis to win the All Star Home Run Derby!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hot Date

My husband and I had a belated birthday date planned Saturday and I was really excited about it.  We left the house around 1pm and took the light rail into the city and then walked down to the harbor to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for lunch.  It's a new attraction in Baltimore City, but we had to wait for a table, so it must be popular.  It turned out to be a fun place with great quirky ambiance, fun and friendly staff and good food. I got Shrimper's Heaven, which was coconut shrimp, breaded shrimp and cold steamed shrimp in 3 upright basket with an additional flute of fries.  My husband got shrimp scampi over linguine and we both enjoyed out meals and the fun conversation we had with a wide eyed, eager young man who was working for the summer from Serbia and was asking about the "match" we were going to in our Orioles shirts.

We walked back up to the ball park and took our seats under the scoreboard in section 92 just as the National Anthem got underway.  We enjoyed each other's company, laughing often and sweating it out in the high humidity and 90 degree temps.  Even the hubby, who loves the heat, was sweating.  He got a couple of beers and I got a lemonade and we cheered when we could and waved at our son.  We left at the top of the ninth inning, knowing we were in for a loss, and went home to blessed air conditioning.

It's a very nice feeling to know that your mate of almost 24 years can still make your heart beat faster, make you laugh and make your day a much better one.  Thanks for the date, hot stuff.  I love you!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Forty Eight Years

So today is my 48th birthday.  I like the date of my birthday....I have always thought July 12 had a nice ring to it and I've only ever met one or two people with the same birthday.  It's not been a great day, but that's how it goes sometimes.  Nothing special was planned here for the day with my family and I think my oldest son doesn't even remember, as he has had to work almost straight through the last two days and my little son never feels the need to do anything special for me because I am mom, you  I feel a little hurt by the lack of attention, but my family tends to expect much more from me than they give, which is how I have raised them.  Hmmmm, a counselor would have a ball with that one, now wouldn't she/he??  ;-)

So the day started with a kiss from the hubby and a phone call from my mom and oldest sister.  Both my best girlfriends were in touch and my daughters called.  Facebook has a way of making you feel popular for a day, as well, with all the posts from people you haven't seen in 30 years.  I took Koda to VBS and found out on the way that the Yankees organization, which took a deposit for my trip out of an account of ours, took twice what they were supposed to.  Uh oh.  Not good at all because there wasn't enough in there to do that.  So stress mounts.  I ran some errands in the pouring down rain, answered a few emails and ran back to pick up Koda, who's VBS never seems to understand that ending at 12 does not mean 12:20 or later.  So more stress as my mom is calling to find out where I am for our lunch, which she needed to be "not too far away"...and it wasn't for her, but it was 25 minutes away from me.  So off we go, windshield wipers going, texts and phone messages back and forth to the Yankees, an upset husband wanting answers.

Lunch was stressful too.  My mother had her hearing aide in, but probably not on.  She couldn't hear a thing and couldn't understand why my two year old granddaughter was acting like a two year old.  I could tell my daughter was stressed by all this as well and the baby wouldn't eat, wouldn't be quiet and wouldn't do much of anything we asked her to do.  I had the people at Bill Bateman's sing happy birthday to me and bring a dessert, but my family did not sing and my daughter didn't even bring a card, nor have my granddaughter make me some adorable handprint or silly scribble.  I would have liked that.  By the time we left there I was ready to go home and stay home and out of the rain, but when I arrived the hubby was still not happy about the Yankee error that had still not been fixed and that left us in a huge bind for the weekend.  When I tried to run things by him, since he and my son had been "all in" a few days ago, I was told that this was my thing and not to lean on anyone else for the decisions, so I guess I am in this alone, which I knew would be the case in the long run.  I am terrified of failing on my first trip venture.  It is not going as well as I had hoped and while I am putting the word out there, the commitments are coming at a trickle.  Sigh.  Stress does not have any birthday breaks.

Now the husband has been at the gym for hours.  The little son is moaning he is incredibly bored and wants to order pizza, which isn't going to happen.  I don't have much hope for a good evening of snuggling and conversation with my husband since he is unhappy with me due to this unfortunate turn of events that will eventually be fixed, but not quickly enough.  Stress.  You are not my friend, however you ARE my constant companion.  Maybe I will try to lose myself in planning for the fall.  That always makes me happy.  I doubt much sleep will happen tonight.  If it's not worrying about this, it will be worrying about something else like my co-op, which it seems will be going through an overhaul which I hadn't planned.  Days like this make me wonder why I try to do big things.  Yes, most of the time they do work out in the end, but the tensions created aren't always worth the results.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friends, Friends, 1-2-3....

Today started out with me oversleeping because I had bad dreams all night when I actually did get any sleep about the nightmares from Rise of the Guardian movie stealing my granddaughter away.  When I was just staring at the ceiling I was worried about my travel consultant business and the commitment I made to do my first trip that I am not sure is going to be successful.

After waking late I had to rush to get out the door on time to take Koda to VBS, only to realize I had no money, no gas and no key to the truck to see if it had gas instead of my car. I had to call my husband to meet me with money, had to get gas and then hit traffic and every red light and was 20 minutes late for VBS and 20 minutes late for my breakfast date with my girlfriend.  She was kind enough to meet at my house and bring me a Dunkin Donut muffin and after sending in another report to work that they couldn't find, I finally got to sit down and chat and it sure did feel good.  There is something to be said for a lifelong friendship.  We don't get together very often, but we know each other's life history, the strengths, the weaknesses, the spouses, the kids, the stories.  We have been friends since the fourth grade and here we are, turning 48 this year, and still as close as ever.

My friend went with me to pick up Dakota and we had another 30 minutes where we had some lunch and chatted some more before we both had to leave because life was calling.  I felt so much lighter, though, after our visit, with this morning's worries and lateness a thing of the past.  I really do need to do this more often.  Men need men bonding time and ladies need other ladies in their life who have been there and done that and understand where you are coming from.  Having history together just makes it better.  Thanks for being my friend, Leigh.  I treasure every minute.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book Club Tuesday

Yesterday was our second meeting of the Summer of '13 Roald Dahl Book Club.  For the first book, Danny, Champion of the World, we only had the day camp kids.  This time we had Dakota and the two girl campers, my friend Jackie and her three boys, Jennifer and her two kids, my friend Jeanette and her five kids and a friend from baseball and her two boys.  The book was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we had fun with it.   We set the tables with bright colored tablecloths and I sat out brightly colored bowls of all sorts of candy, including Wonka Gobstoppers and Nerds.  There were gumballs, M&Ms, Skittles, gummy bears, gumdrops, licorice, chocolate chips and lollipops.  The kids arrived and got started on a coloring picture of Willie Wonka and a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory word search.  Then we talked about each of the characters and as a group, answered some questions about the story.  The kids were excitable and seemed to love the story...but who doesn't love Willlie Wonka??!!  They then used markers and crayons and created, on tagboard, their own factories, making a favorite of theirs, whether it was candy, donuts, pizza or whatever.  After they created and colored, they then went over to the blankets and used boxes, construction paper, tp tubes and glue to create a 3D copy of their personal factories.  They worked hard and long, not once complaining about the heat and came up with some pretty cool creations.  After they were done we did an ABC order of candy bars together and then talked about character traits and each one of the main characters in the book and the kids came up with some great adjectives for them and also figured out on their own that there was a theme to the ones who were gotten rid of.  I then gave them each a golden ticket with a completion certificate on the other side.  It was a great day with a great group of moms and kids.  In two weeks we'll do The B.F.G.  I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Quiet Weekend

There was nothing special about this weekend, which was just fine with me.  It had been a busy week, so low key was welcome.  My granddaughter came to spend some time with Nana this morning and Dakota went with Dad to football workouts.  It was extremely hot, but they are tough, I suppose.  Definitely tougher than I am!!  When Dakota got back he took a quick bath because he smelled to high heaven and then I took him, his friend and Natalie to the Arbutus library for a Mine Craft club.  The older kids went into the meeting room and Natalie and I went to the kids section where she loudly named each food item in the little kitchen area, put the baby to sleep and called the cash register a piano repeatedly.  Love her!  It took 40 minutes of telling her to talk quietly every time she yelled, which was considerable, but she finally seemed to get the idea and we went out into the main area where she built with Duplos, played with the train table, colored, read books and then she and I played toddler computer games.  I enjoyed watching her play and listening to her endless chatter.  She is a beautiful child and very intelligent and I am so proud to be her Nana!  

We convinced the big kids to get going around 3:30 and got home for dinner and then I did nothing......absolutely nothing, but feel grumpy and grouchy and nasty.  Brian David had been on a date at the Nationals game all day and after he got home and Dakota got settled watching Star Wars, the hubby and I got into bed early and I read and kindled and fell asleep hoping for a better mood in the morning.

Sunday did see a brighter mom and I was able to sleep in and then wake up willing to do some chores and actually looked forward to some organizing.  Dad and Dakota had baseball workouts today at the park just up the street and while they were gone I got both homeschool book shelves organized and sadly put almost all the picture books into my granddaughters room and off of Dakota's shelves.  He's growing up so quickly! It's very rewarding to see the shelves so clean and orderly and I get a chance to see exactly what resources I have again so that I can make good use of them.  Tonight after dinner I may get a chance to go through the tops of one of my three desks, or maybe not.  Who knows.  But I can say that today was productive and I decreased two majorly cluttered areas.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Phillie Fanatics for a Day

Yesterday my husband, sons and I left the house around 11am for our day trip into Philadelphia's sports section.  We had a 2pm tour of Lincoln Financial Field where the Eagles play and although it was very hot, the tour went off without a hitch.  The stadium is, unfortunately, very unimpressive, but both boys really seemed to enjoy it.

After the tour we needed to get out of the heat, so we went into the Xfinity Live center, which is a large building filled with smaller pubs and grills, with a huge tv screen on one wall.  we got drinks and appetizers and asked for a pitcher of water.  The waitress brought us this huge, tall cylinder that must be their signature container for beer, but ours, of course, was filled with water and everyone was looking at us.  It was a bit embarrassing, but pretty funny.  Afterward we went out back and played corn hole together, which was alot of fun and passed the time.

At 6pm we headed across the street to Citizen's Bank Park and it was a sharp contrast to the drab football stadium.  This baseball stadium was bright, open and patriotic in it's coloring and ambiance.  Definitely pleasing to the eye.  We were thankfully in the shade, because the heat was oppressive and we had all been in it most of the day so we were sticky and probably stinky.  After the 6th inning, my husband and I took a walk around the stadium while the boys watched the game.  We got to see fireworks and enjoy some breezy spots along the concourses.  We headed back up to the seats for the last inning and enjoyed watching the Phillies take the win over the Atlanta Braves before finally getting in the car and heading home.  A very satisfying day with my three best guys.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Today started out well, sleeping in til 9:15!  That's really late for me!  My daughter texted me yesterday at 6:45 and I scolded her because I could have slept in.  Today she called laughing at 9:15 and said "I KNOW I didn't wake you up today".  Yep!  Sure did!  But we had to get up anyway.  Did some chores, checked on my new business at  and then my mother in law came over with 2 dozen donuts for breakfast.  I guess she thought we were donut hogs, lol, but we will be eating donuts for days!!  We all left for the Arbutus 4th of July parade at 11:45 and were sitting in our chairs waiting for the parade to start by 12:00.  It was an okay parade, slow starting, but with some good bands near the end.  There was a large float with a man dressed as Francis Scott Key sitting at a desk with his name in big letters on the sides.  A mom next to us called his name to take a picture and the young lady, about 11 or 12 years old next to her, asked "Who's Francis Scott Key?"  Really??  We LIVE IN BALTIMORE!!  My kids knew who he was before they even started school!  Sigh.

After the parade and a quick trip to Walmart for essentials like corn, watermelon and ice cream, my gang came home for us to eat and then they watched the O's game together while I did laundry and straightened up.  They also decided that we are in for the day, save a walk I am getting ready to take with the hubby, and they will watch fireworks from the roof.  I couldn't be happier!!  Happy 4th of July everyone!  Remember to thank a soldier and his or her family for all the sacrifices they are making for us to be the land of the free!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sun and Sports Travel

Soooooooo I did it!  I went ahead and took the leap and made my hobby a business!  I woke up this morning knowing today was the day I was going to take off and get my business off the ground.  I have now started Sun and Sports Travel and I have insurance and a FB page and I have notified all the friends and family in my network and I hope they will continue to spread the word.  Our first trip booked trip is for September 1, 2013 to New York to watch the Orioles take on the Yankees in Yankee Stadium.  We have a 90 minute all you can eat party before the game and group tickets for section 406.  I have put Hubers Bus Company on stand by and I am ready to rock and roll.  All I need now is to fill the seats on the bus and get all the contracts in hand.  If you would like to see what's happening on my facebook page, you can check it out at or email me for more information at  I'm nervous, but super excited!

Day Two, Red, White and Blue

Today is day two of our patriotic week.  We got a late start and then had breakfast and Dakota and the girls got started on their packets.  There were coloring sheets, word games and math, all with a patriotic flavor.  They did red, white and blue pipe cleaner link necklaces and made bookmarks.  Then they headed into Dakota's room to watch Dolphin Tale and make bead art while they sat at trays on his bed.  Things are going very smoothly today, which is good, since I have little get up and go.

This afternoon the kids had lunch and patriotic cupcakes and then wound down quietly in Dakota's room, reading and drawing and playing games.  Once the girls left, Dakota and his brother and father had a man's night, playing baseball and watching baseball together, and my good friend and I had a girls night planned to celebrate both our birthdays.  I stopped at Bakery Express and bought us both a piece of Oreo Dream Cake/Cheesecake and got two forks and I picked her up, parked the car in a church parking lot and we ate our cheesecake and let the tension of a busy life roll away.  Afterward, we went to Columbia and had dinner at Don Pablo's and then went to 2nd Place thrift store and spent more than an hour cruising the aisles and snapping up deals.  For me, that means lots of books!  I dropped Lavender off around 9:30 and then went home to my guys, snuggling up with my husband to finish the O's game and quietly playing my Kindle Fire once he had fallen asleep.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Red, White and Blue Week

After a slow day at home yesterday and a late night watching the Orioles spank the Yankees on ESPN, it was up and at 'em for a busy Monday.  The daycamp girls came today and they all played Mine Craft in Dakota's room until breakfast at 9:30.  They started working on their themed packets for the week, doing the word search and coloring the front page.  At 10:00 we headed out to my work and then back to the library, where they did a scavenger hunt, got books and wandered around.  We checked out and headed to lunch at Sorrentos with Kris, Natalie and Brian David then from there everyone went to the Ice Cream Cottage for a treat.  The older kids played checkers and I enjoyed watching my granddaughter devour her ice cream.  She's a beautiful child and I could stare at her all day.  She's talking so well now and learning something new almost by the hour.

When I got the gang back home they worked on their packets for 90 more minutes, doing adjectives, math, coloring and crafts.  Today's main craft was a tp roll eagle.  I gave them all patriotic pencils and a red container of bubbles to add to the themed fun and 4 mini American flags graced our table in the center.  At 3 they were allowed to play their kindles again and as the work day wound down and my granddaughter wound up, I watched her play with her Poppy and thought about how much this little angel has brought to our lives.  She is such a joy.

Tonight my eldest will be taking my youngest to her house and the hubby and I will be using our gift card to a little Italian restaurant in Catonsville that our baseball team gave us before we head to our 7:30 meeting.  Looking forward to some quiet time alone with him and hoping for a week as nice as the past one was with lots of fun, laughs and time together.