Monday, November 17, 2014

Turkey Feathers and Making Rocks

Today was a bit chaotic since my husband was home from work, my daughter had an unexpected fall and had to take herself and her unborn baby over to the ER to be monitored AND it was pouring down rain so we couldn't get outside.

I let the preschoolers watch Handy Manny this morning, which is something we have moved away from.  I do not usually put on the television for them in the morning anymore.  They come in and get started with playing or reading.  I only had one of the babies and she was playing in the nursery.  My homeschooled son got to sleep in a bit and have a slower morning, since a rainy, gray Monday is not very conducive to high energy and an early start.  By 9am there were french toast sticks for all and then a morning activity for the preschoolers while my son did some independent writing on his computer.  The girls learned about Pilgrims and Indians, although I don't think they really understood.  We read a book called My First Thanksgiving, which was a counting book and every other page was about a group of pilgrim children or a group of indian children.  I repeatedly asked them which group we were looking at, but I think they had a 50-50 chance of getting it right so sometimes they did.  Afterward, we made Indian head dresses and the girls really enjoyed gluing on their feathers and then wearing their headbands.

After I finished with the girls, they went in to play in the nursery and my son and I did an experiment out of his science text using crayon shavings to make a sample of the rock cycle.  We shaved three colors of crayons, making a layered pile of blue, orange and yellow.  Then we used an iron to heat the "rock" layers and partially melt them.  Then we took the partially melted rock and put it in the oven and completely melted the rock, changing it to a liquid swirl of color.  As we read the chapter and did the workbook, the liquid hardened again, making a new "rock".  It was an easy, fun way to understand the cycle that the rocks go through and I have to admit, I had never heard of a rock cycle before and now I know.  

Tomorrow I think I will take advantage of an integrated lesson with the preschoolers and my son and watch the Magic School Bus video about rocks and erosion.  The girls absolutely love the MSB and so does my son and he learns a lot from them.  

Harder Than It Was

Every year, sometimes every day, I say "that's all I can handle!  I can't add any more!" and then I go right ahead and add some more.  I am sure most of us are like that.  We say we have filled every hour of our day, then we add another group, another chore, another job.  You know how it is.  Last year I managed to add to my blog almost every day after our homeschool day had ended and it was very enjoyable for me.  When I look back, I was a busy momma and I didn't have a spare minute.  Now, a year later, I am managing my homeschooling, watching my 3 1/2 year old and 14 month old granddaughters and doing daycare for another child, almost 3 and another baby, 17 months.  There is no "end to my day"!!  It quite chaotic most days, balancing caring for the babies, doing preK activities with the three year olds and doing fourth grade with my homeschooler.  My mother in law has also needed much care and family involvement lately and I have three grown children and a husband who also need me in their lives.  My husband and I are very involved in youth sports, recently finishing our son's football season, and we have signed on again to run our own travel baseball team, as we did with our 21 year old son beginning in January.  My ten year old is starting a junior assistant training program at a local EcoAdventures company and I was sitting here tonight thinking I want to write a preschool curriculum book!  How do any of us, in today's fast paced world, manage to keep up?!  Yet I am happy.  I am currently sitting in front of the fireplace in comfy clothing, watching Dateline shows I have DVR'd and will be in bed before ten.  We do fit it in.  We make it happen.

My blog writing has suffered, even though it is a great pleasure for me to write.  I am humbled to see that even though I have not written in quite some time, I have at least ten and up to fifteen hits each and every day from total strangers.  I love sharing my life with others.  I love the highs and lows that come into my life and then scurry back out again to make room for something else.  I love my four children, each who has their own issues that they need their momma for and being there for them is a large part of the woman that I am.  I have a husband who says he doesn't need anyone, but who depends on me to be there in the background, keeping the home fires burning and his belly full of warm food and his bed full of warm snuggles.  I have two granddaughters, soon to be three granddaughters, that I always want to be there for.  I see them almost every day and they are the light in my day (and the gray in my hair!).  Yesterday I made dessert and put together my granddaughter's big wheel with my older son's girlfriend.  I helped that son with a college report he was working on. Today I saw my mother for a quick visit and talked to my mother in law three times.  I touched base with my sister in law on family issues.  I kept my husband company.  I homeschooled my ten year old.  I watched my granddaughters and daycare child.  I worried about my oldest, who is pregnant with her third daughter and fell down the steps this morning while she went to be monitored at the hospital.  Thankfully she and the baby are fine.  I visited with my younger daughter and enjoyed coffee and Dr. Phil.  I listened to my older son on the phone as he confided in me a sadness that his girlfriend experienced and asked me how to make it right for her.  I loved my dogs, cuddled with my kitty.  I have a full life!!  So I guess blog writing may sometimes take a back seat to life, but my family doesn't ever take a back seat to anything or anyone and my life certainly rarely slows down and is never, ever boring.

So forgive me when time lapses between blog entries.  Know that I am happy, healthy and busy and I will write again soon.  I hope that during that time each of you who blesses me with your presence and reads the posts that I write is also enjoying your life and loving your family.  If you don't already have a blog, I hope you will start one.  It is very relaxing and a wonderful journal to look back on and remember not only what you did, but how you felt.  Leave me a message with the link to your blog and I'll be sure to stop by and say hello.  Happy Holiday Season to all of you!