Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's a College Thing

War and Witches

Yesterday was a homeschool day with just my son and I.  No daycare.  No grandbabies.  We slept in, a little later than intended, and got started with our much awaited American Revolution unit.  This son, son #2, is all about battles, so in learning American History, wars are high on his list of interesting things to learn about.  We watched a video called Great Americans:  The Revolutionary War and heard some cool things about a few people we had heard of already and then several people that played a lesser known, although no less important part in the war.  We then worked on Vocabulary Soldiers for our bulletin board while we watched 10 Things I Didn't Know About:  The American Revolution.  We really enjoyed that and are now going to record that series so we can watch some more of those shows about different historical things.

After our videos we put together our bulletin board and made a Cause and Effect domino cover for our unit that we will be adding to.   I think they turned out very well!

For lunch we made some stir fried rice and chicken.  Dakota liked making it, but not eating it.  After lunch we decorated for Halloween outside, putting lights in our milk jug ghosts that Dakota made last week and putting up the last of our outdoor things.  It was a crisp, cool beautiful day!  Trying to get him back on track proved to be very tough, however, and the last thing I got him to do was read a few chapters of his novella from the Copernicus series.  Later that evening he got to go play with the neighborhood kids for awhile and gave him the chance to burn off some of that endless energy he always seems to have and by 7:30 he was ready to come in and relax.  He decided  to watch a new series premier on TV called Supergirl and decided he loved it and set up a series recording.  This is his first regular TV series he has shown interest in that wasn't Disney Channel or Nick or some kids' show.  Ah, my boy is growing up.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Well What a MONDAY

Today was nothing short of Monday.  It started off bad, didn't get better, but fortunately, I suppose, didn't really get worse.  It's Mondayness just went on and on.

My husband was off work AGAIN (love you, honey) and that always means it's hard to pull myself out from under the covers in the morning.  Since my son, 11 and a terrible sleeper lately, had to have come in my room 5 times last night to tell me he couldn't sleep I was sure when his alarm went off he'd tell me that too.  Nope.  He said you were sleeping so I turned it off and went back to bed.  Ugh.  While it was nice to sleep I had no downtime for planning or coffee and barely time for a shower before the granddaughters came.

Dakota was a bear to get up.  Even more so than usual.  A big, unhappy grizzly bear.  He didn't have any downtime either since we got up late and since I had given him Friday off of homeschooling so he had to make his bed, get dressed and get right to work.  He was grouchy and whiny all day and everything took 5x as long to get done as it should.

Then there were the oldest two granddaughters, 4 and 2.  They burst in the door loud and wild.  The oldest then proceeded to zone out and whine for the next 2 1/2 hours until naptime and the 2 year old was gleeful, adorably rotten all morning.  Finally got them down and gave my son a 1/2 hour break at 12:30 and by the time I switched the laundry and emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it was time to get back to work with him.

He left for EcoAdventures with his dad at 3:30 just as the granddaughters woke up.  So much for a quiet hour to work.  I got them out the door at 4:30 and had a 1/2 hour to work before leaving to go to the bank, get gas (which I had to borrow money from my daughter for because my older son ran my van all weekend and instead of 250 miles until E I had 25!) then get Dakota back from EcoAdventures and over to football.  Traffic on 97 made me late picking him up.  Traffic on 3 made us late to football.  All that late made me late for my meeting with my boss at 6:30.  So now, instead of working, I am watching Ghost Hunters and updating my blog because I'm DONE.  Like a Thanksgiving turkey!  Thank goodness there is only one Monday in a week!