Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Warriors

This weekend we were again very busy.  We left the house at 11am for southern Maryland and arrived at Southern Middle School around 12:15.  Our 90lb Charger team had their first full scrimmage, complete with referees and a full field. We got warmed up and started at 1:00 and the other team ran the first play back for a touchdown.  Not good.  However, we came back with one of our own before long and then trounced all over them, winning 32-14.  It was a blast, cheering for the boys, and I was so proud of them.  My son in law was out there coaching with my husband and my daughter, granddaughter and I were on the sidelines cheering them on.  Love that it's a family thing.

Afterward, we went to dinner with our daughter and her family and our friends, the Webers, to the Rod and Reel in Chesapeake Beach.  It was a fancy restaurant and we surely weren't dressed for it, but the food was excellent and the boys (4 of them!) behaved well, as did my granddaughter, who is much more likely to act up at just two.  Our waitresses, however, were sorely lacking, but we just laughed it off and didn't let it ruin our good time.

To finish our adventure, our family and the Weber family went to the beach and walked along the water and played on the beach.  We didn't leave until almost 8pm and it was after 9pm before this tired family made it home.

Everyone slept in on Sunday and then I did some chores and then had to work for my company for a few hours.  We watched the Oriole game and enjoyed their big win and then I had to meet my daughter at the hospital for a tour of the maternity ward so we are prepared when baby Rebecca makes her appearance in a few weeks.  It was boring, but I am glad I could be there for my daughter.

Back home and a nice dinner followed, a walk with the boy and the dogs and a fairly early night.  Getting ready for a week at home preparing for the start of school next Wednesday.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Alternate Plans

Today we were all set to go to Chesapeake Beach Water Park to use our Groupon passes and I went online to look up directions and realized they are no longer open on weekdays since last Friday.  BUMMER!  We were all looking forward to it and the weather was hot and sunny and perfect for the lazy river.  So alternate plans were needed.  Since neither my daughter or I had much money, we opted to go downtown and use her membership at the Port Discovery Children's Museum.  This is not my favorite place in the world, but the kids can run around, get rid of energy and get out of the house, so off we went.

The trip wasn't anything extraordinary, but it did what it was intended to do and we left at 12:30 with two hungry, tired kids.  We got everyone fed and my daughter put my granddaughter in her room here for a nap and went home to get some things done.  I got some paperwork done and had a visit from my younger daughter.  Everyone left around five; my husband and son for football; myself and my daughter and granddaughter to take them home.  We dropped Keri off and I decided to have a Nana-Natalie date with my little sweetheart.  We stopped at the Wendy's close to her house for Frostys and sat and ate them together.  She is such a beautiful child and so animated and smart. I have missed having her every day this summer and look forward to our time together starting Friday.

I dropped Natalie off at her house and spent a few minutes watching her interact with my daughter.  She sure loves her mommy and it's incredibly rewarding to watch your daughter be a mother.  I love them both so very much.

Off to football for another night of practice.  I handed in my paperwork today, thank goodness, chatted with some mom friends I have made and watched my son in a scrimmage.  He is really improving and it's fun to watch him making such great strides.  I left there a few minutes ahead of them to come home and make a late dinner and then everyone crashed, exhausted from another long day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Counting Down

Today is my next to the last day of summer daycamp and I am ready for it to be over.  By this time of the summer I am swearing I will never do this again each and every year.  I had my three regular campers, one little sister camper, my son and my granddaughter today.  I had little sleep last night.  I am grumpy and tired.  I don't want to do anything. Try telling six kids that!

So the first two arrived at 7:30 and will not leave until 6:10.  Ugh.  The second arrived around 7:40 and will leave at 5:15.  Ugh.  The third arrived at 8:00 and will leave at 4:00, getting better.  My daughter will get off work shortly to come help with my granddaughter, but I am having a very early birthday dinner for my mother in law (because of football practice and my son's work) so instead of thinning out the crowds, we will have twelve people here at 4:00  Double UGH!

I let them play in Dakota's room this morning until 9:15 while Natalie and I sat on the deck.  I stepped on a push pin and it went in my heel and I yelled loudly twice.  I look and there is my granddaughter, crouched down by the outside table, silently crying with her little mouth wide open, no noise coming out and tears streaming down her cheeks.  I scared her to death!  She clung to my neck and sobbed and sobbed while I rocked her on the swing and crooned to her.  Poor kid!  Then I had to let her get her doctor's kit and make me all better.  Gotta love a two year old!

After feeding everyone, we packed some water bottles and headed out to the park.  The big kids all walked and I pushed Natalie in her favorite pink car.  They played well when we got to the playground and when there was a lull in the action I gave them a scavenger hunt sheet and they did that.  I ended up helping and they found a praying mantis and some other cool things.

After coming back and cooling off, they all had lunch and I put the baby to nap.  The bigger kids were loud and boisterous, so I sent them outside to jump on the trampoline.  When they came back, they went into Dakota's room for legos and I put The Smurfs on.  It's only 2:30, however, and they are starting to fight and I need to find them something else to do, but I am soooooooo tired myself and my daughters and mother in law will be here shortly and ....YAWN.  Did I mention I am very tired?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Weekend at the Beach

Saturday morning saw us leaving for Ocean City and excited to be leaving our hectic schedule behind.  Dakota, Brian and I made only one stop and it was to grab breakfast sandwiches at McDonalds.  We got snagged up briefly by the drawbridge, but arrived safe and sound around 11am.  We hit the beach and Dakota really enjoyed hanging out in the water with his Dad, being thrown around by the rough surf.  They both thought this was great fun and while I laughed like crazy at the two of them, I knew things must be rough when the lifeguards kept gathering people around and warning them of the dangers.  We took a break, got Thrashers french fries and hit the bathrooms and then spent another hour or so on the beach.  Around 2pm we got into our room and spent the next couple of hours relaxing and catching up on our computers.  Around 5, I took Dakota up to the beach and there were lots of kids playing in the pool the high tide had left on the beach so I let him go back up and get his swim trunks on and we went back to the surf.  Brian joined us and we had a really great walk along the beach while Dakota darted back and forth from the water to the sand in front of us.  Around 7:00 we headed back to our room, cleaned up and went up onto the boardwalk to eat.  We chose a nice little Italian restaurant called Piezano's and I don't know if the food was really good or we were starving, but there were no complaints here! I thought we would continue back down the boardwalk to the rides and games, but Dakota was wiped out and we went back to the room, got showers and watched the Oriole game.  We were all exhausted and the room was dark before 10.

Sunday dawned rainy and cool.  We took our time getting up and out.  We hit the boardwalk around 11 for Playland arcade games and another round of Thrashers french fries.  Afterward, we played 27 holes of putt putt golf in a misty rain, but it's one of our favorite family activities, so we put our hoods up and had a go at it.  It was fun and I only lost by 1!!  A new record!  My husband either cheats or he is really that good.

After relaxing in our rooms again for a few hours, we went for a nice dinner at J.R.'s Ribs, where we enjoyed good music and a tasty meal.  It was raining again when we left, but we took the chance and went over to Assateague.  The skies started to clear and we took a new path through the woods to the Radcliffe House.  It's something our family has always enjoyed doing and we saw many rabbits, caught a tiny frog to pet and let go and saw several deer, one up close.  We ended up far from our car, but it was a nice walk, even though our feet were soaked.  We rode through the front part of the island before heading back and got to see a herd of horses eating along the side of the road.  We are very fortunate to live in an area where we can visit the island and actually see wild horses.  They are beautiful and carefree and really don't care at all about the humans everywhere trying to take their picture.

We finished the night in grand fashion around 8:00, having Dairy Queen ice creams and watching music videos in the restaurant.  I had a chocolate and strawberry sundae that was to die for.  Now it's 8:45 and we are all freshly showered and watching baseball.  Brian and Dakota are playing their last vacation game of Stratego and I am enjoying a little quiet time in my bed next to the window where a heavenly breeze is blowing.  While I am ready to go home so I can be with my own stuff in my own house, I'll miss the beach and I am not looking forward to the laundry and PCA work and daycare that all awaits me the minute I walk in the door.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crazy, Chaotic, Busy Week

This week has been very busy!  I had all the daycare kids on Monday, football practice Monday night then worked til midnight.  Tuesday I took the kids to the free movie in Arbutus and then my daughter was here in the afternoon.  The daycamp kids were a hand full and my last mom came very late.  My husband and I attended a concert together that our kids had gotten him tickets for for his birthday.  No one wanted to go with him, however, because no one liked the artist, so I took it as an opportunity to spend some time with the hubby and we had a good time, although it was definitely a loooong night and my ears hurt from all the guitar twanging and screeching lol.  Didn't get home til midnight again and Wednesday I took Dakota, his friend, Lindsey and Brian David and his girl, Allie to Hershey Park.  It was a 2 hour drive and we had a good time laughing and singing in the car.  We had beautiful weather, too cold even at first, which is hard to believe in August!  Brian David and Allie went their own way and I took the kids on the rides, to the zoo, to see the marine show and finally, around 3:00, it warmed up enough for them to play in the water.  They played, went on the lazy river, danced with some characters and finally got dressed around 5:30.  We did a few more rides, met up with the other two for funnel cakes and then did the Chocolate Factory store and shopped for our candy.  We were all tired, Dakota was a complaining, whiny mess and we waited 45 minutes in Bob Evans without being waited on before walking out and hitting an Arby's on the ride home.  I was so tired my vision was blurry by the time we hit our neighborhood, but everyone else was asleep.  I hit the bed at midnight for the fourth night in a row and had to get up to be ready for my granddaughter today.

My granddaughter was such a pleasure this morning.  I sat on the deck on a beautiful fall feeling August morning and listened to her chatter away and play while we shared a muffin and I checked my email and facebook. Then she nicely played in her room until lunch, ate and took a three hour nap.  I can't really ask for better than that.  I miss having her here and having a routine with her and it doesn't look like we will be having one anytime soon since my daughter just found out she lost her job.

Tonight has been quiet with the house empty.  My husband was at practice and my sons at a football game.  I needed the down time.  Tomorrow is a day for planning and cleaning.  We have a scrimmage tomorrow night and then we leave Saturday morning for a weekend at the beach before we step into our fall routine.  We are coming home Monday and it will be my last week of summer camp.  We are hoping to do our book club, hit the water park and go to Chuck E. Cheese and then the following week will be one where I get everything in order so after our trip to the state fair, our bus trip to New York and Dakota's 9th birthday, we can get back into the swing of things and start our school year.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Back To Business

After a very busy weekend with a football jamboree, dinner out with friends and our daughter's baby shower with 40 guests, Monday arrived unwelcome, but with an agenda nonetheless.  I had three daycare kids and Dakota and I knew if I didn't keep them busy I would pay the price.  I gave them an hour of Kindle time before bringing them out to do packets on color.  They had jokes, color by number, ABC order, find something green for each letter of the alphabet and a directional paper.  Afterwards they went outside to play badmitton, corn hole and frisbee before heading out to the back deck to play board games.  They chose Uno Attack and with my supervision, things went well.  They went back outside to play basketball, came back in to read and work on their packets and now, after pizza for lunch, they are playing quietly so I won't swoop in and make them put away their electronics.

In five minutes I will go in, however, and get them back out here to paint and work on the color wheel, play Geo Bingo and watch a movie with popcorn.  By then it should  be 3:30 and one of them will be ready to go home and the other three can do what they want until we eat dinner at 4:30 and leave for football around 5.

I am tired and cranky, but less so than I thought.  I am trying to get chores done around here that were left undone yesterday with the shower going on.  I had two sinks full of dishes to wash first thing, backed up laundry, dusting, vacuuming and work for my company to keep me plenty busy.  Tomorrow looks like more of the same and Wednesday is a trip to Hershey Park.  Looking forward to escaping to the ocean this upcoming weekend!