Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Choice vs Obligation

I have been thinking a lot about this lately.  My husband and I go back and forth about choice and obligation.  It's a fine line, sometimes.  What do you choose to do willingly versus what must you do whether you like it or not?  What is an obligation?  Is an obligation willful?  Here's my take...

In my life I choose to homeschool.  This is clearly a choice, as my son could easily go to public or private school.  Having made that choice, however, I am morally and personally obligated to give him the best education I know how.  I watch my granddaughters during the day.  This too is a choice.  I have two granddaughters and a third is on the way in three months.  I choose to watch them and I choose to watch the new baby when she arrives.  I am not obligated to my daughter to do so, because I it was not my choice, she could stay home or put them in daycare.  So it's my choice to watch them because if their mother cannot be there for them, I want to be the one to get their hugs, dry their tears, kiss their little cheeks and teach them their life lessons when they are with me.  Being the woman I am, I am therefore obligated to make my home a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment for these three precious little princesses in my life.  That's the person I am.

My husband makes a choice to teach young men the sport of football.  Many men do.  However, because my husband is the man he is, he is morally obligated to teach those young men not only football fundamentals, but character, sportsmanship, pride in their academics and in their sports and to turn to family and God in times of trouble.

The word choice has a good connotation.  I can choose to do's how I do it that matters.  I am obligated to myself, my family and God to be the best wife, mother and woman that I can be.  Does all that make sense?