Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wet and Wild Saturday

Well, for once, it was pouring down rain, but not snowing.  It's been a long, wet, cold winter here in the Mid Atlantic.  Saturday was a day for doing nothing but laying around in your pj's, but that we had to save for Sunday.  Up and moving, my husband went to work and the boys and I had a short period of down time before we went to lunch together at Pizza Hut and then went over to Terrance West's signing at Mancave Memorabilia in Glen Burnie.  We got our tickets, did a little shopping and precisely at 2pm, Towson University's star running back came in and starting signing autographs and talking to the fans.  He is going into the NFL draft this year and he is expected to do very well.

My husband had gone to "crunch some numbers" on a new vehicle we are going to purchase.  We are torn between the sporty Ford Explorer and the super efficient, mom friendly Honda Odyssey.  When he came to pick us up, it was still pouring!  We headed over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the shore for our first arena football game of the season and got Dakota dressed and ready to go.  They warmed up a bit between downpours and then we played our game, losing eventually 14-6.  Afterward, we went with two other family's to Harris's, a fabulous seafood restaurant on the water near the bridge.  Usually there is not only good food, but a great view.  Unfortunately, all we got was the good food because the view was wet and soggy.  My filet minon was to die for and my husband said the same for his crabcakes.  Dakota ordered two kids meals and ate all of them both!

The drive home for me was less than fun.  I do not like to drive at night or in the rain and it was 9:30pm and pouring buckets.  It took us twice as long as normal to get home, but after a quick stop at the store to get a few things we would need for Sunday, we made it home safely, stripping right out of our wet clothes and into our pajamas.  Sunday promises to be just as wet, but that's okay because this woman is going to stay right in her recliner ALLLLLL day!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dr. Seuss Fun

 I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan and I love to have fun with all the craziness that his books present to us.  Yesterday I read The Cat in the Hat to the two year olds in my life and we made adorable paper plate masks.  Today I taught Dr. Seuss at my co-op for the 5-9 year olds.  I talked to them about who Dr. Seuss was and the process he used to write his books.  We read Green Eggs and Ham, with the kids shouting out the rhymes, and talked about how Dr. Seuss only used 50 words to write the whole book.  We read There's A Wocket In My Pocket and created our own creatures using our imagination.  We tried to do all kinds of silly things like rolling our tongue, wiggling our ears, barking like a dog etc and then we tried to do them all with a book balanced on our head.  Then we tried to say the alphabet backwards...a much tougher task than I originally imagined. 

After we settled back down, we talked about character traits and wrote a short blurb as a reflection of ourselves before putting away our work and playing a game of Drs. Seuss bingo.  Bingo is always a warmly received activity with these kids and the game went very quickly, with each of them winning eventually and getting to pick a quirky prize.  For the big finale, I let them watch the Cat in the Hat movie.  They enjoyed the downtime and so did I!

Tomorrow, I think, the little ones and I will tackle If I Ran A Zoo, since the zoo animals I brought up from the basement are such a hit.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just When I Thought .....

Just when I thought things couldn't get any busier, once again they did!  We are officially finished with our "lazy" months of winter and I believe (and hope) that we just had our last official snow day of this cold, wet winter.  Schedules have been way off and schools have been closed for at least a day almost every week since Christmas. 

Monday started out another snowy week and I only had one baby for daycare, a new little nine month old boy.  It was nice that my husband and I got to hang out in the livingroom working and watching him, all of us getting to know one another in a relatively quiet house.  I gave my homeschooler his snow day off and told him to be prepared for a busy Tuesday.

Tuesday dawned extremely icy and once again, schools were closed.  I did have the 9 month old, but he came late.  My own son was up and dressed and ready for school by 9am.  We did his morning work, took his spelling pre-test and got math out of the way.  Then we worked on letter writing skills and filling out envelopes as we wrote one form letter that we copied 30 times to send to each one of the baseball teams in Major League Baseball.  Our hope is that by letting them know we are studying baseball for the month of March that they will send us information and goodies in the mail.  I have done this with my older son with wonderful results. 

After we finished stuffing and stamping our letters and taking them out to the mailbox, we got started on our unit study.  It is called Baseball and it's by Amanda Bennett.  She comes up with fun, family oriented unit studies that she sells inexpensively on her site.  I highly recommend that you take a look and consider one for your family.

We got started and using our Baseball Journal, which is a spiral notebook, my son copied the quote of the day and then looked up the vocabulary words of the day in the dictionary.  This is great practice!  Afterward, I let my son do the first half independently, clicking on the links provided by the site to answer questions about Babe Ruth.  We have learned a great deal about our hometown boy already, so this was very easy for him.  When he was through, we sat together with my computer and learned about the Arizona Diamondbacks organization, answering questions about Opening Day, their mascot and their venue. 

When we had finished our unit study for the day, we stayed on the computer a bit and watched a few Youtube videos about the making of pencils and erasers.  When my son has questions about how things are made, I have found that the videos we find there are interesting, short and educational. 

My daughter dropped in to visit and I decided my homeschooler had accomplished enough for the day.  He went in to play while she and I visited after she put my granddaughters in for a nap.  We are opening a licensed daycare together this summer and we have an endless supply of ideas to share. 

Around 5pm, everyone had gone home and my husband had gone off for his night at college.  I relaxed a bit, made dinner for the boys and watched Parental Guidance with my little son.  I love how this movie is comical, but so heartwarming.  My husband and I turned in early, knowing that Wednesday would be busy and there were not going to be any delays to our day this time!