Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose!

     Homeschool planning isn't always fun, but each year, as we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss, my creative juices start flowing and I find myself looking for ways to make this year's Seuss Week the best one ever.  Thanks to, I have book units with cloze activities and word games ready and some easy writing prompts that won't overwhelm my kindergarten age son and will fulfill my language arts needs.  To start the fun, we will go into the kitchen and follow our recipe for green eggs and ham.  The chef, of course, will be Dakota.  Next we will snuggle on the couch to read the book and a few others by Dr. Seuss and then color and cut out our bulletin board figure of Theo LeSieg (the man behind the moniker).  Next we will make a two dimensional paper Cat in the Hat red and white striped top hat and write the titles of our favorite Seuss stories on the colored strips.Art accomplished and a little more writing practice thrown in with that activity.  Wrapping up our Seuss unit for the morning, we'll watch a 20 minute video of one of the Dr. Seuss classics.
      This week we will also continue our reading of the classic children's fables.  After our video, it will be time to read The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  For some extra fun afterward, we will work together using Koda's wooden blocks to build a brigde and gather some small plastic goats from our animal bin.  These props and our puppet theater will give us all the tools we need to create a re-enactment of the story.  We can practice a few times and then let Daddy be the audience later this evening after dinner.  Performing arts always look good in the planning/recording book!  After our lunch break, we'll get in math and social studies, squeezing in last week's President's Day lessons that we didn't find the time for.  Sunday School over the weekend took care of Religion and basketball outside with Daddy will go in the books for PE for the day.  I always include the weekends activities in Monday's planner.  We have a new unit to begin in Science, but I think it will have to wait until later in the week, or possibly even next week since I want to continue weather just a bit longer to include the Lion and Lamb proverb Tuesday.  I have some Scholastic worksheets and a few fun crafts to go with that too.  All in all it looks like a really fun week, with a field trip, co-op and bowling all tossed in for good measure. 
    If anyone has any good ideas for Dr. Seuss or any of the other topics I'm covering, please feel free to post them.  If you have any questions on one of my ideas, I'd be happy to share.

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Lavender said...

Dr. Seuss is a great, fun way to teach rhyming. After we read a Dr. Seuss story I pick a work that was repeated a couple time in the book and we play the rhyming game. Sounds like you guys will be having a fun day.