Sunday, January 10, 2016

Getting It Right

     Yesterday tanked after lunch time. Dakota was a beast, I felt defeated, Dad came home stressed and it just led to a tumultuous night with lots of grouching and arguments and tears. Yuk. Then to top it all off we learned that one of the kids on our football team lost his mom suddenly last night. Heartbreaking and shocking and of course it brings to light your own mortality. 

     So today I woke up ready to make this a better day. Dakota and I had a nice eggs and bacon breakfast and talked about what the problems were in our day yesterday and how we are all going to work to fix them. Neither of us likes when we are all angry at one another. After breakfast we got to work on morning chores, welcomed the girls and started our volcano, putting it together and then using paper mache to do the outside. He worked on a Scholastic News while the paper mache is drying.  While he paints it I am going to make witches brew with the girls.  I am hoping it turns out half as well as it does here .    While the paint is drying I am sending all four of  them off to the trampoline because they have way too much energy to be bottled up inside.  I'll clean up and make lunch and they will come in pink cheeked and ready to sit down and eat.  That's what it's supposed to look like.....

And it did!  The experiment, Wizards Brew, turned out great and the kids loved it, from the 11 year old to the 2 year old!  They loved the glitter effect added in and we kept adding different colors and more baking soda and more vinegar and it gave us about 10 minutes of eruption!  Then they went outside to jump on the trampoline with my fuzzy socks on and their mittens and even though it was cold they got 20 minutes of exercise before coming in tired and happy to sit down and watch Magic School Bus together and eat lunch.  The kids all went down for rest/nap time after that and Dakota and I finished our day with Dad coming in and doing math later on.  Much better day for us and much better preparation.

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