Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Perfect Job

Today the Orioles are back in town and my son went back to work.  He is loving his job as a tarp crew member and I am constantly reminded of how perfect this job is for my sports fanatic son. When he first started there he was a bit starstruck, texting and calling us often to tell us that this pitcher said hello or that he got to see Derek Jeter walk by.  Now, a few months later, he's firmly entrenched in the organization.  The pitchers in the bull pen know him by name, he can be seen at least for a few seconds each night on TV and we even got to see him get in on a team cheer in the bull pen after an especially well timed home run.  He name drops at dinner, telling us how this pitcher's wife is having a baby this week and what this player did during his high school years.  He has realized that these young men, some only a few years older than himself, are alot like him.  He still thinks they are special, but he also sees that they are human, with good days and bad, just like everyone else.

Today our son called his dad and posted on Facebook that he played basketball with a Cy Young winning pitcher.  NBD.  (That's no big deal for us who don't speak "text")  Then he posted that he got to shag fly balls in the outfield during batting practice.  How cool is that?  What baseball loving kid doesn't dream of walking on the field at Camden Yards, let alone getting the opportunity to talk to the players and play a little catch.  I am so proud of my son and so pleased that he has gotten this opportunity.  He is a fantastic young man and if anyone deserved this kind of job, he does.  I hope it serves him well for many years to come.

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