Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prep School Boys

My older son goes to a Catholic prep school.  He was homeschooled for eight years and then he went to Cardinal Gibbons for two years until the Archidiocese closed them down.  He now attends Archbishop Spalding High School in Severn.  If you've never had the pleasure to be in the company of prep school boys, let me tell you what it's like.  First, you will be called "mame" or "Mrs. ___" all the time.  You will be greeted upon their arrival or yours and you will be told thank you and goodbye when they or you leave.  They will ask you how you are and they will stand there to listen should you decide to tell them.  Do you need help?  Just ask.  All of them will be at your side in an instant, waiting for direction and happy to be of assistance. They are Christians.  They believe in God and they aren't afraid to say so.  They pray every morning before classes and every afternoon before going home.  Before every sports event they ask God to protect them and to help them to be strong.  There is a beauty in that!  They have pride in their country, their school and in themselves.  No baggy jeans and questionable clothes either.  They wear uniforms to school and shirts and ties to functions.  When they "dress down" in their own casual clothes, they are tasteful and clean, underwear UNDER their clothing and nothing offensive to be seen.  They are upstanding citizens and you can easily pick them out in any crowd.    My husband's cousin died a few years ago and he was very active in the youth and high school football communities.  Many, many kids were there, but the prep school boys stuck out in the crowd.  They were in shirt and tie and they stood together respectfully, walking two by two when it was there turn to pay their respects.  They were soft spoken and extremely polite.  Don't get me wrong...these young men can be loud and wound up and carefree, but when an adult addresses them they immediately quiet down and wait to be told what they need to do. 
In today's society many adults have nothing good to say about the youth who will be running our country tomorrow, but I think they are just looking in the wrong direction.  Prep school boys will be the ones leading our country in the future and they will do so with dignity and respect.  It's an expensive education and it often can put a strain on the family during those years of endless tuition, but I will tell you from experience, it's worth every penny.  I am proud of my son and proud of his prep school friends.  They can come to my home any day and hang with my son all they want.  They are wonderful young men and you can tell them I said so! I will proudly take my place in line as a prep school mom and I would encourage you to at least try to do the same.  Your child will get a fine education in academics and a wonderful education in morals and values.  

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